We only produce and sell what we would consume ourselves.

Commitment to quality
From the way the crop is grown, to the way it is processed and packed eventually, we are committed to quality, purity and resourcefulness in all our products.

Sustainable sourcing
Before we include any product in our range, it must satisfy us on three accounts:

1. Is it grown/raised without harming the environment
That is, was it grown without harmful chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides. Was it grown on land that in no way damages the local ecosystem? Does it follow the procedures and guidelines laid down by associations that we are affiliated to? If the answer to these questions is a yes, we are open to take the product up but only after it satisfies us on the next parameter. 

2. Is it ethically sourced?
Were the people growing the crops or working in the processing plant treated well? Are they given the fair wages? Whether minors are employed in the farms or in factories? Were any local communities or farmers adversely affected by way of our farming or our business practices? We ensure our products and raw materials are ethically sourced. 

3. Stick to the basics
Sometime around the 1980s, food fads became the rage. Since then it has attained proportions where - and surprisingly enough - it has become the norm. Today the superstores are lined up with rows after rows of fad-driven food. (Glorious adjectives come added to the food's name. Have you heard the joke that goes around where millennials believe that their food comes from a superstore!). As a policy we decided to the stick to the basics, following the footsteps of our ancestors: Consume wholesome food, eat clean. They called food, food. They knew better. They were healthier compared to people today. Which is why our products are grown and processed in the way our ancestors did. And the result is we have a range that is clean, wholesome, nutritious, potent and above all full of flavours. 

Less is more
Our range comprises of a very limited range of products at the moment, and until necessary we intend to keep it that way. We do not source products unless we are sure of the source. Or the suppliers' quality policies and certifications. Nor do we want to add on products just to increase our range. All our products carry our branding, which we believe only exemplifies, our total ownership of responsibility when it comes to our commitment to quality. 

1. Be Good, Be Honest, Be Fair.

2. Make The Products
That We Would Use Ourselves. 

3. Life Is Short. Take It Easy.