Welcome to the Monthly Club.
When you join the Monthly Club, you make yourself eligible for huge savings on our products when you shop with us.
You enjoy member-only privileges and exclusive only to the members. Apart from the discounted prices, you also enjoy a host of other benefits that we come up with from time to time. Sometimes on our own products, sometimes with our partners who may not necessarily be related to food. For example, free movie tickets, special discounts for certain types of bank's card holders, Automobile companies, Resorts, Travel and much more. We offer these special offers to our members periodically.

The membership is absolutely FREE. No deposits, no sureties, no nothing.
And once you become a member, it's for lifetime. No renewals, no-registration, no pressures. Should you decide to discontinue your membership, you can simply ignore it. It will remain there, should you ever have a change of heart in future. That simple really.  

Once you join us as our exclusive Monthly Club Member, which takes just a few minutes, you will become a certain type of member based on your shopping with us. Which brings us to the next topic: The types of memberships.

We have 3 types of memberships for the Monthly Club Members.

1. Yellow Membership 
2. Red Membership
3. Purple Membership


Yellow Membership
When you reach a lifetime shopping value of/or upto Rs. 15,000 with us starting from 0, you carry a Yellow Monthly Club Membership. Once you cross the threshold of Rs. 15,000 your badge will automatically upgrade to Red and subsequently to Purple.

Red Membership
When you reach a lifetime shopping value of/or upto Rs. 30.000 you carry a Red Monthly Club Membership. Once you cross the threshold of Rs. 15,001 your badge will automatically upgrade from Yellow to Red.

Purple Membership
When you reach a lifetime shopping value of/or upto Rs. 30,001 and beyond you carry a Purple Monthly Club Membership. Once you cross the threshold of Rs. 30,001 your badge will automatically upgrade from Red to Purple.

How do I know which is my membership?
Your badge will be visible in your "My Account" page left-hand column like this: 

 As your membership status changes, the badge will automatically be applied.  

So what  really is the difference among these Memberships?
While all memberships enjoy same price discounts, extra benefits to members vary depending upon the membership status. The higher you go, the more exciting benefits are offered to you. 

I have been shopping with you since a long time, and I have shopped for almost a lakh rupees, but I was not a Club Member. 
No problem at all. We totally value your patronage and are devoted to making available all the benefits that you deserve. We will put the relevant badge automatically once you register with us, looking at your shopping history. The hard work is on us. You just have to register and within 72 working hours, your badge will be assigned to your account. You could just send us a notification on our customer care WhatsApp number +91 99588 52341 and we will do the rest.  

I qualified as Purple Member but my badge still shows Red.
Rare, but if you do ever encounter a situation like that, fret not. Our site goes though enhancements and bug fixing regularly and such errors are prone to come up sometimes. In case it persists, you may give us a shout at support@justgoodfood.shop citing your email and phone number which will make it identify you from a long list of members.   

Terms & Conditions of Memberships.
While we hate conditions as much as you do, for the sake of clarity we are listing a few of those here. You may take them as legal terms of use of the membership, we won't make it sound it that way, though:

1. Your membership is non-transferable. Not officially at least. If a family member/Relative/Friend wants to use your credentials to shop as a Monthly Club Member, they are welcome to do so. Just that a request for transfer of Membership to anyone else will be a hard thing for us to do.

2. When we say your membership is non-transferable, we are also referring to the benefits that we offer you on this site as a member, which are also non-transferable. Say we offer you a discount on a car brand of your choice, you cannot pass it on to a friend/relative who may be purchasing a car of the same make/model. You get the picture.

3. No barter/exchange in kind or cash for benefits is permissible. Which also means, the benefits ( including special privileges, discounts, offers) are non-inter-changeable, redeemable in cash or kind. All such benefits can only be either redeemed as per the offer either on our website or website/physical location of our partner(s) and only by member or in the member's name.   

4. Incase you do not avail a benefit/offer available to you during the time period it is valid, it will be be deemed void and the void offer cannot be redeemed outside of the validity period.

5. Along with the Membership benefits, we also have exciting loyalty programs where you earn points each time you shop with us or refer a friend or review our products. The terms of use of those programs are separate from these but they also must be read in conjunction with the terms of membership if you opt for the loyalty program along with membership.   

6. You are entering into the membership on your own free will. 

7. Taking the membership on the site does not form a binding relationship between you and the company as partners or Principal & agent. The membership is an extension of the company's initiative to offer a better shopping experience for its customers. 

Should you have questions, please feel free to ask at +91 99588 52341 or you can also write to us at support@justgoodfood.shop
We are devoted to creating amazing shopping experiences with us.
Welcome to Monthly Club Membership once again and Happy Shopping.