Seven Habits of People Who Are Slim and Fit

Seven Habits of People Who Are Slim and Fit

We all know of people around us who never seem to gain weight. While that is entirely not true ( Our weight is constantly fluctuating), it is true that some people do consistently stay within their healthy weight range. uncontrollable factors such as hormones, age pregnancy and festival binge indulgences aside, it can be useful to explore some general habits that’ll help one stay healthy- and slim.

  1. They’re all about scheduling.

When it comes to meals, a healthy habit to adopt is to schedule your meals and eat them at regular times. Scheduling helps you stick to your calorie allowance. Regular eating times help speed up calorie-burning and minimize cravings for sugary or fatty foods throughout the day.

  1. They wrap it with greens.

Whether it’s a burger, a taco, your favorite sandwich, Roti-Sabji or in-between snacks, you can wrap it all in greens. One popular and tasty alternative is lettuce leaves. You still get that great flavor and crunch! Use a bit of imagination and find healthy substitutes.

  1. They’re informed AND self-aware.

Staying clued-up on scientific advice is important, but it’s also important to learn from your own body. For example, some people find eating dinner at 6 PM rather than 7 PM better for weight loss. There’s no blanket right or wrong choice here, no mountains of scientific data to suggest one time is better than the other—this choice, like many other smaller choices you’ll make when losing weight, is a personal preference based on how your own body responds.

     4. They use a smaller plate.

The body can take up to 20 minutes to realize it’s full and so a smaller plate can help slow your eating down. If you’re still hungry 20 minutes after finishing your smaller plate, only then eat a bit more. By contrast, a larger plate doesn’t give you this option; it only tempts you to eat everything at once.

  1. They steer clear of liquid calories.

Drinks like sugary coffees or fruit juices are a great way to take in the majority of your calories for the day. So make sure you stay away from high-calorie drinks!

  1. They avoid processed foods and choose whole grains.

According to research whole grains “fight” belly fat. The healthy amount of fiber contained in them also helps you to feel full for longer.

  1. They always take the stairs!

When squeezing exercise into your routine is a challenge, taking the stairs is a great way to stay active. Moving throughout the day by taking the stairs and walking to avoid sedentary car rides is the perfect way to incorporate exercise into everyday life.


These simple tips are great for losing weight or remaining at your healthy weight. But remember, not all weight gain is bad. So before you try any of these tips, remember to  discover your healthy weight range first to see if you actually need to lose weight before proceeding. And a good place to start – you guessed it – is to Google and help-groups on Facebook and Instagram.



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