Detoxify Naturally

Detoxify Naturally

There is a lot of buzz about this word. We all know why!
Nowadays, many people face unexplained fatigue, numbness, bloating, allergies, PMS, stress, and cognitive problems, etc.
These are all due to toxic loads that our body takes. To combat it, one may need to take a detox program.

Detox program or detoxification is nothing but the removal of toxins from the body by following a specific diet plan or taking special products, in order to facilitate weight loss and improvement of health. The elimination of impurities improves blood circulation, provides rest to the organs through fasting and increases healthy nutrients in the body.

Listing down some known measures which if followed religiously will prove fruitful. 
· Drink plenty of water in a day.
· Practice deep breathing, so as to increase the level of oxygen in the blood.
· Limit your alcohol intake since it limits the normal functioning of the liver.
· Maintain a proper sleep cycle.
· Exercise or yoga facilitates cleansing and also has other health benefits.
· Limit your intake of sugar and processed food items.
· Eat food items high in antioxidants, such as berries, nuts, fruits, vegetables, green tea.
A right & easy detox program is all that we need these days. Inculcating this healthy lifestyle change would be a great starting point for you.
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